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“Their minds and their futures are entrusted in our hands for a few brief years of childhood. We must do all in our power to serve them well.”

Pugh, Contemporary Issues in Early Years, 1996

You will find a range of resources here suitable for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Please feel free to explore and find the resources that work for you. Please click the images to display the full activities. 


For younger children approaching the idea of mental health and wellbeing can be a daunting thought. Start very simply through exploring emotions, naming and identifying them. 

  • You could do this by pulling different faces in the mirror and talking about the emotion e.g. a happy face, sad face, angry face etc.

  • Try using the emotions images to identify emotions.

  • Watch the video for The Colour Monster by Anna LLenas. Talk about the colours and the emotions.

  • The Mindfulness Calendar gives daily 5 minute activities to complete.

  • Try using the Seven Days of Kindness Calendar to support those                                                                                 around you as well as making yourself feel good.

  • Try using the How many positives activity sheet.

  • An A-Z guide for common difficultieis such as agression,                                                                                          anxiety, bereavement etc. in Early Years.

  • A range of Early Years resources and posters

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